In 2010 we changed the rules of the game . . and interesting things happened

We’ve been evaluating and tracking leading IT Websites for about 15 years. Along the way, our best practices benchmarks have been updated every year to identify and track emerging Website requirements.

Once upon a time our benchmarks weighed in at about 700 criteria. Then Web 2.0, Web 3.0, communities, and social media sparked a Website revolution.

This revolution triggered a wholesale audit of the siteIQ Benchmarks in January 2010 – resulting in a new siteIQ Benchmark that weighs in at a whopping 1,232 criteria. In simple terms, that’s 1,232 types of content, features & capabilities that need to be on your “got it” checklist – or on your 2010 drawing board.

2010 | eBusiness Index | Competitive eMAP | Overall PerformanceNeedless to say, when you change the rules of the game, interesting things happen.

  • is the biggest Website – but’s stellar usability scores puts it on par with this mega monster.
  • ranks third overall. Its content, features & capabilities are roughly on par with – but this site is much harder to use (ranks 9th out of 23 Websites).
  • plays in the second string, along with provides more types of content, features & capabilities – but is far more usable. Case in point,’s usability ranks 11th while’s usability ranks 3rd.

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