There are plenty of hits and misses on this year’s roster. My favorites are . . .

In my last post, I shared some info about the top five Websites on the siteIQ eBusiness Index. Here’s my interesting surprises and “oops” list:’s usability ranks second, and the site misses a “Good Practice” rating by a hair. and complete the usability top five. Of the two, is most likely to move up a slot and knock off its perch. aced the online recruiting category and is the only four star (the best) in this category. (OK, so most recruiting zones are a big snooze – but we have to give chops for its four star performance).

Services marketing continues to be’s claim to fame; and are still second tier contenders. hits the high note in the communities category – but and also operate four star (the best) communities. (This is another way of saying that the new guys are zipping past community pioneers).

If call to action is your bag, look no further than It is the only call to action “Best Practice” site on the eBusiness Index.’s e-commerce capabilities puts it with the big boys: & Newegg ranks third with four stars (the best) and a “Good Practice” nod.

A couple of new entrants on the 2010 eBusiness Index roster did better than expected.

  • and rank 7th and 8th on the usability chart – and finish in the middle of the pack when all of the scores are tallied up ( ranks 12th; Brocade ranks 14th).
  • Among the sites that debuted on the Index in 2010, and turned out to be boat anchors. Deloitte finished dead last – and debuted in 17th place (out of 23 Websites).

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