Last Thursday the team started to roll out its new adaptive design strategy with a new Human Capital Management zone that is much more than the sum of its parts.

Beyond the obvious visual impact — here’s five things this new design brings to the B2B party.

  1.  Perfect pitch. This zone’s content laser focuses on business issues and knows how to make the buyer a hero. Content is short, on point — and chest beating and tech speak are blissfully absent.  Score: A+
  2. Easy to digest. From the Overview page to the Products listing, this zone delivers a visual tour de force that makes its messages and content highly scannable and very easy to digest. Score A
  3. Role based content. Web teams have been trying to organize sites by role for over a decade and no one has been successful. proves it can be done. Score: A+
  4. Constant context. White papers and other takeaway content (a must for B2B buyers) are always presented in context to the business issue. Meanwhile, the Products tab organizes Oracle’s myriad of products to perfect effect. Unfortunately, entitled content isn’t always marked and the zone pops more windows than a hurricane. Score: B+
  5. Persistent calls to action. A floating call to action module follows the visitor up and down the page. Each option (Call, Chat, Try It) delivers a tiny mega-menu that allows visitors to quickly identify next steps. A clear best practice. Score: A+


This new design not only places firmly at the top of the roster with and – but shows that a B2B site can, in fact, be designed from the outside in.

The bottom line

In my recent blog about the state of the current design revolution, ended up firmly in the “a little bit pregnant” bucket. A perfectly serviceable design with a few bells and whistles, but nothing to write home about.

That’s changed. This new design not only places firmly at the top of the roster with and – but shows that a B2B site can, in fact, be designed from the outside in.

We’re talking real role-based content. Product information that puts the customer at the center of the action. Add on-point proof points that stay in context, and some snappy infographics for good measure – and you have the makings of a new design and content strategy you can’t afford to miss.

So what’s next?

A little birdie tells us that you’ll be seeing more of this design roll out in the coming weeks – and look for a new in-depth case study in the Library soon that deconstructs all of this design’s best practices into actionable bites.

While you’re waiting, check out two new case studies in the Library that play perfectly to’s new direction. How and are already turning B2B buyers into heroes — and why, like, you should put always put call to action on every marketing page.

Then check back next week for a new case study that identifies the 6 ways IBM’s Smarter Planet zone uses the “Made to Stick” SUCCESS formula to deliver a best practice content performance. Turns out that the new does it too.

See ya then.

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